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Speech Pathology & Mental Health

Did you know? Speech Pathologists have a role in supporting mental health!! A speech pathologist’s role is to assist to improve a person’s communication and swallowing so they can function physically, socially, and mentally across multiple environments. We are an

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International Womens Day 2

International Women’s Day 2022

Today is International Women’s Day 2022. This day is a time for us to commemorate and reflect on the progress made by women including the extraordinary roles they have played in the history of their occupations and communities. This week

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SDA occupancy by participant disability type ratio

SDA or Specialist Disability Accommodation is a range of housing designed for NDIS participants with extreme functional impairments or very high support needs. As Occupational Therapists we receive a lot of requests for NDIS participants wanting to access SDA, however,

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The Role of OT in Mental Health

The demand for mental health supports has grown significantly in recent years. In 2018, there were more than 1.1 million people (4.6%) in Australia with a psychosocial disability according to Australian Bureau of Statistics1 (ABS). In 2018, 20% of Australians

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Assistive Technology

Occupational empowerment through Assistive Technology

Occupational Therapy is a health profession that can specialise in the prescription of Assistive Technology (AT) (sometimes known as equipment) for individuals. Occupational Therapists can specialise in prescribing AT, as they have the fundamental skills of assessing a person and

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Heather's Scooter

Occupational Therapy – Returning Freedom!

In honour of Occupational Therapy Week, we are sharing a story from our client Heather, and how her OT Emma, helped her gain independence, participation, inclusion in her life and local community. In 2015 Heather was told she would never

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Putting Ot Back Into Therapy

Putting Occupation back into Therapy

Occupational Therapy began with humble beginnings where people were employed to occupy patients in hospital during the first world war. It was soon recognised that by having a person engage in a meaningful task, that great things can happen! Over

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Physio 3

Physiotherapy – There are no silly questions!

A Q&A to help you better understand if Physiotherapy can help you, a family member or your client. No question is out of the question! Here, let’s tackle some frequently asked and less frequently asked questions about Physiotherapy. First up,

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Physio 2

CommYOUnity Physiotherapy

What is community physiotherapy? Community itself can be defined as a social unit which brings a sense of place. The word community makes us think of feeling safe, feeling supported and feeling at home; and community physiotherapy is no different.

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Benefits of Balance

Balance often comes second to other forms of exercise, such as aerobic exercises (eg. walking) or strength exercises (eg. lifting weights). Why bother? Balance is important for: Healthy and efficient movement Injury, pain and falls prevention Optimising your posture Independence

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Telehealth In Speech Pathology

Telehealth In Speech Pathology

We have all been impacted and continue to be Impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has certainly made us as an allied health service find creative ways in which we can continue to deliver excellent services to our clients even

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Swallowing and Mealtime Management

Swallowing & Mealtime Management

National 360 has a dedicated team of speech pathologists and a specialist clinician who can support you with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties which can also be referred to as dysphagia. What is dysphagia? Dysphagia is the term used for

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Adult Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology: Not Just Kids… Adults Too!

National 360 provides speech pathology services to adults living with all neurological conditions, providing support to those who have difficulties with speech, language, literacy, voice, and swallowing. In the same way that physical activities such as walking may be affected

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Breaking Down Multidisciplinary Paediatric Services

National 360 has been expanding our Paediatric services nationally across OT, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology and Positive Behaviour Support. My supporting Paediatric team members and I have been in frequent conversation about the benefits of offering multidisciplinary service across many different

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5 Ways Physiotherapy Can Increase Mobility

Mobility is defined as “the ability to move freely or be moved easily” according to the Cambridge dictionary. Many of our clients have come to us wanting physiotherapy services to increase their mobility ie. increase their ability to walk or

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Paediatric clinic opens in Victoria

National 360 recently opened our Paediatric Clinic at our Cheltenham office. I and my supporting Paediatric OT team members have been in frequent discussion about the benefits of having offered both a mobile and clinic-based service. As a mobile-based service,

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Supporting World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day is a day to raise awareness of Down Syndrome. It is a day we can promote discussion about the acceptance of all our differences as what makes us fantastic and unique as an individual. In my

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