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How to Relax No Matter Where You Are

How to Relax No Matter Where You Are

Keeping relaxed whilst at home or at work can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you are surrounded by stimuli that can make it difficult to unwind at times. But did you know there are simple relaxation techniques to keep your mind at ease that you can perform no matter where you are? Whether you’re sitting at home or at your desk at work, having simple strategies to relax are important to have in your wellness toolbox.  

To mark National Relaxation Day for 2022, our National 360 meditation expert, Anne, has shared her fantastic tips to make relaxation a part of your daily routine – learn more below, and give them a try today!  

Remove visual clutter.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, look at your surrounds or workspace. Does it have clutter and bits & bobs all around? Clearing your visual space will help with reducing our internal stress.  

Massage your hands. 

Our hands hold stress. Start by lightly pinching the muscle between your thumb and index finger and massaging in small circles. Remember to keep it firm yet gentle to relax the muscles. You’ll feel your hands, shoulders, and neck start to relax, and in no time, you’ll be ready to continue with your day.  


Classic deep breaths. When we feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, our breathing rate naturally increases. Start by taking a long slow inhale and exhale through pursed lips for longer than you inhaled. Try 6 seconds in and 10 seconds out.  

Chair stretches. 

Our body can hold a lot of tension – added by the long hours of sitting and typing if you work in a typical office environment. Set an alarm and 4x in your day, take 5 minutes to complete 2 chair stretches. You can do these seated or standing – and even better if you can find a friend, colleague, or family member to complete them with you for motivation and accountability! Your brain and muscles will thank you.  

We hope you found these tips helpful! Avoiding stress can be difficult at times but having great relaxation techniques is an excellent way to ensure no matter where you are, you have the tools to stay calm, and relax.  

National 360 wellness staff benefits

At National 360, health and wellness are important to us. For all our staff, we run a weekly Wellness Program which includes yoga, meditation and pilates sessions. We also offer professional support in the form of mentoring, training, and personal development to make certain our team members feel confident and supported in their roles.  

Having a supported team also ensures that our therapists are always providing the best service for our clients and participants, as clients are not only working with their dedicated therapist, but have the support of the whole National 360 team behind them in achieving their goals.  

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