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How Linkin overcame his anxiety about starting school with an Early Childhood Practitioner

How Linkin overcame his anxiety about starting school with an Early Childhood Practitioner

Starting school can be a daunting experience for a child, but when you have an Early Childhood Practitioner like Chloe in Tasmania in your corner, you have the support you need to achieve your goals!

Linkin was anxious about starting school and could not be drawn into a conversation around it, saying “no, no, no” whenever school was mentioned. Because of this, the first goal for the family after engaging with their Early Childhood Practitioner, Chloe, was that his transition to school be accommodated, and that he would hopefully be less anxious about it.

Chloe developed a social story including all the great bits about starting school, what to do when we feel a bit anxious, and that every time you go to school you get to come home. Chloe developed two small laminated cards, one that said, “I can take five big breaths” and one that said, “after school I can come home” for Linkin to take in his pocket as reminders.

Linkin loved his story and read it every night for about three weeks, and after two weeks when asked if he was ready for school he would say “yes”.

Linkin had a lovely first day, and when his mum asked, ‘What do you get to do after school?’ Linkin said, “I can come home.” He waved goodbye and off he went. Linkin met his first goal on his therapy plan!Early Childhood Practitioner client at first day of school

Stories like Linkin’s highlight the wonderful work our Early Childhood Practitioners can do to assist children in achieving milestones like starting school. We are thrilled that Linkin attended school and had wonderful strategies to alleviate his anxiety. Well done, Chloe, and great work Linkin!

What are Early Childhood Practitioners?

360 Kids is proud to offer services across Australia that cater to children’s unique circumstances. Our Early Childhood Practitioners (ECPs), also known as Keyworkers, are the caring and knowledgeable first point of contact with 360 Kids who provide your child and family timely access to Early Childhood Services at National 360. They initiate the assessment process, and engage closely with your child and their family. ECPs discuss your child and family’s goals, coordinate services, conduct assessments, and may deliver individualised services and interventions using a transdisciplinary approach. All of our ECPs hold a degree qualification in childhood education, allied health or a related discipline.

Who do Early Childhood Practitioners assist?

Our Early Childhood Approach is designed to provide specialised and individualised services including, assessments, reporting, therapy planning, equipment sourcing, and individual and group therapy options. Our service focuses on building capacity in children and their families, plus therapy planning and delivery to children aged 0-9 years, their families and support networks. The Early Childhood Approach delivers support for kids up to 9 years old, but our services extend to children of all ages right through to the transition to adulthood.

What do Early Childhood Practitioner assist children with?

Early Childhood Practitioners can assist children with:

  • Behaviour issues
  • Communicating
  • Playing with others
  • Handwriting
  • Toileting routines
  • School readiness
  • Emotional regulation
  • + MORE!

For more insights into what ECPs can assist with, including developmental delays, please get in touch with our 360 Kids Early Childhood Practitioner team using the details below.

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