Where We Help

To put it simply – we will help you in the location that is best for you to help you to achieve your goals. Our therapists are mobile so we come to you. This could be your home, school, workplace, or at another community location. We also have clinics in some locations if you would prefer to come to us.

In Home Services

The National 360 team can provide in home support and consultation and generally this is where our initial appointments will take place. Appointments in your home enable us to gain a better understanding of you, your supports, and the environment around you. 

This provides us with the ability to truly take a 360-degree view of you and tailor your assessments and the intervention required to achieve your goals.

National 360 Aged Care Occupational Therapy


Telehealth uses video and phone technology to deliver range of health care services including assessments and therapy. Telehealth can be used for clients living in any location, and it is used widely across all ages and disabilities. We will provide you with the support to use this technology. Telehealth may be used in combination with in home or community based visits.

National 360 offers all of our services via Telehealth:

Fin out more and visit our telehealth page. 


National 360 is building a network of clinic locations through 2021 to give our clients and their families more choice in how and where they want to engage with our therapy services. 

Our therapists can work with you to determine if the support you require is able to be delivered in-clinic to ensure that you have the best opportunity to achieve your goals.

Early Childhood Approach
NDIS Assistive Technology

In The Community

With our mobile team we are well placed to help you achieve your goals of living more independently in the community. 

We can meet you in your local community to work on goals related to shopping, using public transport, attending a local gym, or engaging in sport or a hobby.

Your therapist will work with you to help you achieve your community goals and gradually build your levels of independence.

At Work

Finding a job, returning to work or remaining at work can be a challenge due to disability or injury. Our therapy teams can support you with a number of work related services including workstation assessment, activity analysis, grading of duties and equipment assessments.
We can support you and your employer to find solutions to keep you safe and prevent injury.
National 360 Career Opportunities - early career therapists
Paediatric Occupational Therapy

In Schools

Our paediatric therapy services can be provided to a child at their school or in other learning environments. Our team are experienced working with teachers, support staff and families to ensure the best support is delivered to your child and therapy goals can be achieved.

Your occupational therapist, physiotherapist or speech pathologist will discuss the aims of therapy with families and teachers, and then develop a comprehensive therapy plan. Common school based therapy goals include improved learning and socialisation.