Careers with National 360

Frequently Asked Questions

At National 360 we believe we offer the perfect balance of working and living.  Our therapists have complete flexibility to work from home, in the community or one of our regional offices.  We provide community-based assessments or therapy – visiting clients in their homes, at school, work or in other convenient community locations.  Our therapists can access one of our many regional offices for team meetings, professional development, supervision or other team activities.  Generally, therapists are placed in teams that provide services to clients living within the same regional area.  This reduces travel time and also provides an opportunity for therapists to build connections with other local team members.   We have national resources, IT systems and collaboration tools that enable us to share our national expertise and deliver high levels of support and clinical supervision to all team members regardless of their location.

We understand the learning, professional development and mentoring needs of new graduates – after all, we were all new graduates at some stage.  Our Kick Start early career program is designed to provide structured support and guidance over 6 months.  The first 12 weeks have structured learning modules to ensure key competencies are met while slowly transitioning to a full-time caseload.  Opportunities are provided to shadow other clinicians during appointments.  The clinical and leadership structure within our teams is designed to provide the right level of support for all therapists, from graduates to experienced.  We believe that therapists are constantly learning and developing regardless of their years of experience, so we offer a range of professional development sessions and clinical mentoring sessions for therapists of varying levels of experience.  Individual and group learning sessions are offered to promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise.  In addition to that, there is the opportunity to learn from clinical experts across a range of disciplines and speciality areas.  We pride ourselves on the depth of allied health experience and clinical knowledge we offer across our teams.

We are so fortunate that today we have a range of options to be able to link with and engage our teams.  While our therapists are based in the community, we provide office locations to conduct one on one meetings, team meetings, in-services and group mentoring sessions.  In addition to this, we make the best use of technology to conduct virtual professional development training, webinars, as well as individual supervision.  Quite simply we are able to adapt to the needs of all therapists depending on their needs and location.  This flexibility is appreciated by therapists who are also juggling the needs of work and family.

We believe in professional development and each therapist has access to paid professional development opportunities each year and approved leave days.  Not only that but our extensive internal PD program, professional development video library, National 360 chat forums, group mentoring, and one on one supervision provides our therapists with professional development that we believe is the benchmark in the allied health sector.

Team meetings are held weekly to connect in, receive support and share updates.  On a regular basis, our teams will also meet in one of our office locations for general updates, clinical supervision and to participate in professional education.  There are also various social functions and our staff wellbeing program to keep our people connected.  An inclusive and supportive team culture has been instrumental in our growth and success.  We run virtual meetings to share learnings or updates between regions and across States.  We also have nationwide meetings for updates involving all team members.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides funding to people aged 0-65 living in the community with a permanent and significant disability.  This allows them to access the supports, services and early intervention to enable them to build their skills and independence.  For more information on NDIS click here  We have many years of NDIS experience and a fabulous and experienced customer service team who provide our therapists with administrative support.  This allows our therapists to work efficiently and focus their time on their clients.

The support we provide NDIS clients is all community-based.  In this regard, we have the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with clients, work on goals in their own environments and be part of their independence journey.  Building lasting connections with clients and their families inspires us to develop the best in class therapy services.  We are fortunate to provide assessment and therapy services across all ages groups and abilities under the NDIS.

National 360 provides the perfect opportunity to build a career within a large organisation.  We like to build our future leaders from within our team and provide the training and development to do so.  Therapists are able to move from a junior level to supervisor, team leader and potentially take on a clinical speciality leadership role.  We encourage personal goal setting and will work with our therapists to move them through our senior roles should they wish to follow that path.  We offer leadership training to support and develop our emerging leaders across the business.

We are a bit biased, but we feel we have a fabulous culture right across the country.  We continue to build on that with our employee engagement and wellness program that takes a national, state, team and individual approach to all team members.  Work should be fun!

Our roles do involve travel to a client’s home or school, so our therapists require their own car and current driver’s licence. We have various options to cover motor vehicle costs and you can select an option that best suits your needs.  Therapists mostly travel within your local area, though for some therapists in regional centres the travel may be further.  From time to time there will be opportunities to stretch your wings and provide outreach services in more remote areas.  We even have therapists providing fly in fly out services to some very remote communities.

Of course, when there is a requirement to use your own vehicle for work, we provide a car allowance or reimbursement option to cover fuel and wear and tear costs.