Multi-Disciplinary Services

Multi-disciplinary team approach at National 360

At National 360 we aim to take a complete view of the individual and the services they may require to be their best. With the ease of one referral, clients have access to all or any of our high-quality services such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Behaviour Support. Our therapists will take a multidisciplinary team approach to support you to achieve your goals.

Our therapists will often meet together to share their knowledge and experiences to deliver a whole team approach to how we deliver support, the importance of a multidisciplinary team in healthcare is paramount. This can also extend to appointments, including individual sessions with each clinician, joint sessions with two clinicians, or overlapping sessions.

  • Individual sessions give us a wonderful opportunity to focus on a client’s goals that each discipline is supporting them with and also to enable therapy sessions to be spread across the week.
  • Joint appointments for example with physio and OT together, are a great opportunity for clients to focus on their goals that can be worked on with both therapists. They may also be more suitable for clients that have a higher level of support needs to engage in therapy, or if a family has limited availability across their week.
  • Overlapping sessions provide an opportunity for goals to be worked on with two disciplines across consecutive sessions and can help with scheduling appointments for families.


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