You are currently viewing 360 Graduate Program – Insights from our January 2023 Graduates

360 Graduate Program – Insights from our January 2023 Graduates

360 Graduate Program – Insights from our January 2023 Graduates

Our January 360 Graduate Program cohort have hit the ground running at National 360, settling into their teams, receiving support, and commencing some fantastic work with clients to help them achieve their goals!

We spoke with some of the therapists in our 360 Graduate Program January 2023 cohort from across the country to find out what their first impressions of the program were, if it has exceeded their expectations so far, what support they are receiving, and what they are looking forward to in the coming weeks ahead.

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How have you found the 360 Graduate Program for far? Has it meet your expectations?

Alex, Speech Pathologist: I’ve had a really awesome first week. It’s been busy, but really, really enjoyable. I reckon it has gone above my expectations. Everyone has been so wonderful to all of us here as the new graduates.

Claire, Occupational Therapist: It’s been really good. I’ve had a lot of support, a lot of structure; there are so many online resources, its kind of overwhelming, but its so nice to know that I have somewhere to go if I need anything.

Mai, Occupational Therapist: Honestly, it has surpassed my expectations, I’ve had so much support from everyone, and I’ve had lots of learning opportunities.

Nicole, Occupational Therapist: Really good actually. Its been a bit crazy, or hectic…but no its getting good now that we are in to the last few days of the first week, getting into a flow, getting the hang of everything.

Ethan, Occupational Therapist: I’ve felt very supported throughout the whole month. I feel like I am being looked after, and I feel like I’m easing into it very well, and I enjoy coming to work. Yeah, it has met my expectations and exceeded it. I never had any practice in the community setting, but now I really love it, and see a very long future in it.

Ella, Occupational Therapist: Its been really fun, really busy, and pretty tiring, but overall I’m really enjoying my time here and forming some good relationships with my team and my clients. I don’t think I expected to be enjoying working full time this much.

Melissa, Occupational Therapist: Really good, feeling good.

Louise, Occupational Therapist: I feel like the first few weeks have been really warm and welcoming…there’s just so many people around with passion, and it feels like we are a part of a team of change makers.

Lashini, Speech Pathologist: It’s been really good. A lot of information, but once I start looking at clients its getting exciting.

How would you describe the support you have received so far in the 360 Graduate Program?

Louise, Occupational Therapist: The support in the Grad Program for National 360 has been really diverse, and it exceeded my expectations. I know every week I’ve got set times to see my clinical supervisor for OT related questions, and I’ve got my team leader who goes through all the organisational, functional work stuff, so no matter what questions I have, I always know those are my main two contacts. But then, the informal support in the office has been really good as well just for those little tips and tricks that can help me improve my ability as a therapist.

Alex, Speech Pathologist: Oh, fantastic. Everyone is always willing to come and have a chat, and help you out with any questions you might have.

Mai, Occupational Therapist: It’s been amazing. There’s so much structure in the grad program, and I’ve received so much support from all of my supervisors, my buddy; and its really great to be able to talk to people just in the office as well whenever I need any help.

Claire, Occupational Therapist: Very good, [my supervisors/TL/State Manager] are very approachable, so easy to talk to them. I’ve got weekly supervision; I’ve got weekly check ins – I feel like they is always a place for my questions to be answered.

Ethan, Occupational Therapist: My support from my Team Leader has been great. I’ve been meeting with her once a week where I can just nut out any questions…everyone in the office is very supportive, even the people that don’t have new grads are very supportive as well, so I feel like I can ask anyone questions.

Ella, Occupational Therapist: I’ve been receiving lots of support from the entire team, particularly my supervisor has been really helpful and really encouraging which has ben really lovely. And my Team Leader and the rest of the team have also been really supportive and always reaching out to see if I need any extra help.

Lashini, Speech Pathologist: Yeah, I feel like everyone is really supportive. It’s a really good environment. I feel really comfortable.

What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks of the 360 Graduate Program?  

Claire, Occupational Therapist: I’m looking forward to meeting my clients, I am very excited about that, and putting my uni skills to work.

Louise, Occupational Therapist: I’m really excited and looking forward to building my client relationships…be a change maker and contribute not only to the South Australian team, but nationally. I’m excited for the mentoring that I’ll have with all the expertise across Australia.

Alex, Speech Pathologist: I think I’m looking forward to getting to see a whole lot of clients and hopefully starting to help some people with their goals.

Mai, Occupational Therapist: I’m looking forward to building my caseload…and also just getting more learning opportunities to develop my experience as an OT.

Ethan, Occupational Therapist: Building my caseload and just continuing to grow as an OT.

Lashini, Speech Pathologist: I think I’m looking forward to seeing some clients and then also getting to know the team a bit more.

Melissa, Occupational Therapist: I guess just to have a routine and seeing the kids. I’m working mainly with the kiddies, so it will be nice to have fun with them; get my head around everything. Just looking forward to learning and growing.

Nicole, Occupational Therapist: I’m looking forward to finally getting out into the community and seeing the clients.

Ella, Occupational Therapist: I’m just looking forward to I working with my clients more, and building up my caseload, and just seeing some of those results from working with my clients and hopefully getting some reports approved and getting some good outcomes from them.

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If listening or reading quotes from our graduates has excited you about the possibility of working in the community allied health space, or if you do not feel you are getting the level of support you were expecting from the graduate program you are currently in, it might be time to register to join our 360 Graduate Program!  

We are currently filling spaces for our 360 Graduate Program August 2023 and our 2024 cohorts – To apply or learn more about the 360 Graduate Program, read our 360 Graduates page, view our current graduate program opportunities here. You can also contact our team using the details below: 

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