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Meet The Team: Behaviour Support Clinical Lead

Meet The Team: Behaviour Support Clinical Lead

Introducing Lorraine, our fantastic Behaviour Support Clinical Lead! Lorraine is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) – one of approximately 250 in the country – with over 14 years of experience! We are so thrilled to have her supporting our team of Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners across the country.

To learn more about Lorraine, we asked her some questions about why she is passionate about community allied health, what her role as a Behaviour Support Clinical Lead involves, how she would describe National 360 to other clinicians, + more! Read our full interview with Lorraine below.

When did you start working at National 360? 

I started working at National 360 just over a year ago. At the time I was actually looking at taking a step back in my career as I wanted to focus more on my family and wellbeing. But as soon as I joined, I ended up throwing myself in as I was enjoying myself so much! In the short space of time I have been here at National 360, I have been wearing a few different hats due to putting all my energy into developing the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) team. Apart from working directly with clients as a Behaviour Support Practitioner, I have been the PBS Clinical Practice Advisor, Team Leader, and now National Behaviour Support Clinical Lead.

Could you tell us a summary of your qualifications & career history?

I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) – one of approximately 250 in the country – with over 14 years of experience supporting people with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, Acquired Brain Injury, Dementia and Mental Health. I have been working as a PBS practitioner for 8 of those years across the UK and Australia. I hold a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Counselling and Therapeutic Studies and a Masters (MSc) degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

In regards to direct client work, I specialise in behaviour change through the Capable Environments approach and using evidenced based methods to challenge the use of restrictive practices. My other passions lie in PBS service design and delivery, developing bespoke professional development training for PBS practitioners and providing clinical consultations to PBS practitioners and other allied health professionals working with individuals who present with behaviours of concern or have restrictive practices imposed on them.

What makes you passionate about working in the community allied health space?

I previously worked in the UK as a PBS practitioner in a mental health rehabilitation hospital, where the overuse of medication and physical restraint was rife. I worked hard to instil the foundations of PBS across the wards, where the goal was to help patients have a better quality of life, teach them skills to increase their independence, and get them discharged so they can live the life that they have dreamed of living. However, working on the wards, I never got to see the end result, and saying goodbye was the hardest part. When I came to Australia, I decided to move into the community space and I haven’t looked back! I really enjoy supporting people in their own homes and seeing the difference it makes to their lives. Working with people in the community means I get to support people in the places where they really need it, whether that’s at school, at work, at day program or at home. Human behaviour is a complex thing, and it is important to understand what it is about the environment that either supports them to have good days, and what isn’t working and doesn’t meet their needs.

Behaviour Support Clinical LeadWhat do you love most about your role as the Behaviour Support Clinical Lead? 

I love that as the Behaviour Support Clinical Lead I am able to make a difference not only to the people I support, but to the therapists I work with by driving autonomy, inspiring new ways of working, and creating a safe space to learn and grow. Being a leader is a privilege, and it’s my role to make systems work better and facilitate environments that make people happy and successful.

What has been a highlight of your time working at National 360? 

Every day is a highlight when you have a wonderful and supportive team around you! I am always learning something new and improving my practice, so I am thankful that I have the opportunity to immerse myself in my own development (usually with a very large cup of coffee!)

How would you describe National 360 to another clinician or someone working in the allied health space?

Working in the allied health space (particularly NDIS) is tough, but extremely rewarding. At National 360 we have a good support system set up and offer a variety of learning opportunities for all therapists. Did you know that on average we offer approximately 20 hours of mentoring per week on a variety of topics?! I love being able to have the flexibility to access clinical expertise from another discipline when I need it, or even just to listen for leisure or during my lunch break.

Do you have any advice for them? 

Organisation is key! I learnt this the hard way when I transitioned from the UK to Australia, and it was a big culture shock for me. I highly recommend looking into brushing up on diary management and organisational skills – this will put you in good stead in the NDIS space. I am also a big advocate for co-production. At the end of the day, whilst we as therapists are providing the service, it’s the person and their supports who are the experts. So my advice is to listen, and learn to work together in order to achieve amazing outcomes.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I used to be a keen ice skater and foil fencer, but since moving down under you can find me enjoying the sunset over a good glass of wine!

Join The National 360 Team!

If you were inspired by our Behaviour Support Clinical Lead, Lorraine, and her background and passion for PBS and community health, we’d love to hear from you. Our teams are continuing to grow, and we are always looking for fantastic Behaviour Support Practitioners to join us at National 360 across our 22 locations Australia-wide.

If you’d like to learn more about what it is like to working in the community allied health space at National 360, and for a comprehensive outline of our 360 YOU benefits, visit our 360 Careers page for more insights, follow us on LinkedIn, or contact our Careers team via

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