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Support Participants to Meet Their Goals and Achieve Clinical Outcomes

How National 360 Support Participants to Meet Their Goals and Achieve Clinical Outcomes

The National 360 Difference – How we support participants to meet their goals and achieve clinical outcomes

No matter which therapist arrives at your door, you can be confident that the therapist will work with you to achieve your goals and to reach your clinical outcomes.

National 360 is owned by Allied Health professionals, which means that Allied Health is always at the forefront of decision-making for our client services. Providing a high-quality service for our clients is our mission at National 360, and to ensure all our therapists can accomplish this, we created an extensive support network that our therapists have access to, no matter their experience.

This support network has been developed as not only an excellent, industry-leading resource for our National 360 therapists to tap into but was also developed to provide our clients piece of mind. No matter which National 360 therapist is providing services for you, you are supported by a whole organisational network of Allied Health professionals and experienced therapists who all want to ensure our clients achieve their goals and improve their quality of life through the delivery of high-quality National 360 allied health services.

National 360 is committed to delivering on our organisational values; “value the person,” “go above and beyond,” and “raise the bar.” We have outlined how our clinicians can support participants to achieve their clinical outcomes and meet their goals at National 360 through our core values below.



Each therapist who works with you will think broadly and holistically to ensure the outcomes of your goals are transferrable in different situations and environments. We are thorough and comprehensive in our assessment processes to learn about you, what you enjoy, what you like to do and what you would like to achieve. We will work with relevant members of your care team to gain comprehensive insight about your goals and desired outcomes.


Each therapist who works with you will want to understand what you would like to achieve, what your desired outcome is and work with you to formulate strategies and solutions to achieve the desired outcomes. We use various goal setting tools and measures to understand your goals and what is most important to you. Goal setting tools give us an opportunity to reflect on your progress and evaluate the outcome throughout our intervention and on completion.

Using goal setting tools also gives us an opportunity to reflect on the outcomes of the goals and set additional goals, if there were other goals you would like to work on.


Each therapist will get to know you, will work alongside you, and will be respectful of your wishes and goals. We will work with significant people involved in your life and care, (with your consent), and provide inclusive and comprehensive services. We will deliver services with you in the most appropriate location to assist you to achieve your goals, whether it is in a clinic, school setting, home or in the community.


Each therapist who provides clinical intervention with you, will treat you with the utmost respect, regardless of your situation or circumstances. Our therapists at National 360 will aim to understand your desired outcomes, as a result of our intervention.



National 360 offers multidisciplinary services inclusive of Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Positive Behaviour Support.  We can refer to you internally to any of these disciplines and work collaboratively alongside our colleagues to get the best outcomes for you. If you choose to receive services from other organisations, we will also work collaboratively with your care team, to get the best outcomes for you.


Within National 360, we pride ourselves on our high-quality reporting and quality assurance processes to advocate on your behalf, to get the best outcomes for you and assist you to achieve your goals, in a timely manner.


At National 360, we are committed to reflecting on our interventions, working with you to understand what has worked well and how we can continue to progress your goals, until we reach your desired outcome. Once your desired outcome is reached, we again evaluate to ensure that it is sustainable or if any further modifications or adaptations are required.

Throughout your intervention, we will keep your care team informed of your progress, to ensure all services are collaborating and supportive of your goals and outcomes. We also aim to deliver outcomes in a timely manner, so you can progress your goals and achieve your clinical outcomes.



We recognise that the therapist that comes to your door may not have the answers to everything, however at National 360, therapists have access to a range of clinical expertise within the organisation and can access a wealth of information and resources to guide your intervention, to assist you to achieve your goals.

We want to make sure our clients are receiving the best service possible, and in order to do that, we have ensured that all the clinical expertise required for our therapists to provide a high-quality service can be accessed within our own organisation. Our therapists can contact a therapist within National 360, who has the clinical expertise or specialisation in a particular area to provide information and guidance to the clinician, to assist with achieving the client’s goals and clinical outcomes.

CLINICAL SUPERVISION & SUPPORTNational 360 Clinical Supervision and Support

Our clinicians at National 360 receive timely and regular supervision from clinical supervisors to discuss clinical outcomes, barriers, and challenges that a client may be facing. This allows for holistic thinking, clinical problem-solving, the development of alternative strategies and guide the clinician to think out of the box, to lead the therapeutic intervention with a client and work towards client goals.

At National 360, we created the 360 Circle of Support Framework, which applies to all therapists of all levels and skill sets. By having this support structure, means that clinicians have access to support to discuss clinical situations to get the best outcomes for our clients.


National 360 employs Clinical Practice Advisors (CPAs) to provide support to all clinicians within the company. CPAs are subject-matter experts in one or more areas of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology and Positive Behaviour Support.

A clinician can contact one of the CPAs to receive targeted and specialised advice to ensure the best outcomes for a client, regardless of the situation or clinical goal.National 360 Clinical Practice Advisors

Some areas that are covered by our CPAs include:

  • Assistive Technology
  • Disability Housing
  • Home Modifications
  • Mental Health
  • Paediatrics
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Complex Communication
  • + More

The benefit of having CPAs within National 360 for our clients, is knowing that all the intervention we provide comes from a level of expertise. Clients know that the therapist that comes to their door is the face of the service, however, behind them, they have a huge volume of expertise to support their clinical reasoning and decision-making, so our clients can be confident and assured that they are receiving the very best clinical services.


Our therapists at National 360 regularly complete professional development sessions where they learn from internal and external presenters about added resources, tools, equipment, research, and technology that can be used to assist their clients to achieve their goals. By regularly engaging in learning and development opportunities, our therapists are continuing to upskill and gain new knowledge that they can use when engaging and providing intervention to their clients.

CUSTOMER SERVICENational 360 Customer Service

Our customer service team are the point of contact for our new clients before being allocated to a therapist. This allows for a client to contact a customer service team member and speak with someone about their referral, make any inquiries or ask questions about billing.

Our customer service team also provide therapists will full support for administration and referrals, enabling therapists to spend more time with their clients.


You do not need to be a NDIS participant to access our services. We will work with you to understand what your goals and desired outcomes for our service would be. We can tailor our approach to your needs to assist you to achieve your goal.

At National 360, we are focused on assisting clients to meet their goals and achieve clinical outcomes. We do this by;

  • Learning and understanding you
  • Setting goals
  • Working collaboratively with you and your care team
  • Being respectful of your goals and situation
  • Evaluating outcomes
  • Providing and engaging in multidisciplinary intervention
  • Providing high quality reporting
  • Providing therapist support and supervision
  • Providing clinical expertise
  • Having comprehensive support services


When engaging with National 360, you can be confident that every therapist will work collaboratively with you to understand you, your goals and your desired outcomes. You can be confident that each therapist is supported clinically and professionally to deliver high quality services throughout our intervention to assist you to achieve your goals and clinical outcomes.

If you would like to engage National 360 for Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, or Behaviour Support services, please get in touch with us today by calling 1300 340 440, or completing an online referral form by clicking here.