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National 360 Clinical Support for Therapists

How Does National 360 Support their Allied Health Therapists?

For many therapists, this is the most important question when determining which organisation they would like to join. National 360 is not only an Allied Health provider, but an Allied Health educator. Whether you are a Graduate or an experienced therapist, we have a tailored clinical support program to ensure you feel supported to learn and grow as a community therapist.

We are very proud to offer all team members across the country a strong network of clinical and leadership support. Support to us isn’t an empty promise made during the interview process or something that is provided during the early stages of your career that simply disappears over time – It is engrained in the fibre of how we operate and is made accessible to all staff, no matter the stage in their career.

So, what does support mean to us? Our support structure provides one-on-one and group clinical supervision, access to mentoring provided by our Subject Matter Experts, operational supervision from our highly experienced Allied Health Team Leaders, team-based professional development activities and an on-demand Learning Management System.

When asked what areas National 360 excels in, our team members have said:

  • “Welcoming new staff and supporting existing staff, both professionally and personally”
  • “Frequent social events, weekly mentoring, weekly supervision, flexible working hours and working from home”
  • “Being given referrals for my chosen interests – my casebook is exactly aligned with requested preferences for age group spread”
  • “Communication, appreciation of staff, support and training, care, opportunities, flexibility”
  • “Fostering a good work environment, supporting time off when needed, encouraging PD and learning, and support to manage complex clients”
  • “I think N360 genuinely care about their staff, listen to feedback and try to improve based off that feedback”
  • “Being a supportive team, celebrating wins, good benefits and pay. Flexible working and lots of opportunities for development”
  • “Provision of learning opportunities, flexibility and consideration for individual life experiences / requirements, supervision and support offered across all specialty areas”
  • “Delivering at their core values, supporting staff both personally, clinically and operationally, feeling like a team on a national level, delivering on what they say they will do”
  • “I feel they excel in their support of therapists, employee engagement such as Fun Funds, they have great employee benefits such as parental leave, and State Managers / Team Leaders are wonderful”
  • “The level of support N360 provide is above and beyond”

To hear more, watch the video below or click here to listen to our therapists talk about their experience at National 360 and the types of clinical support they are receiving.

There are three core pillars that are critical for allied health therapists:

Support, Supervision and Education.


At National 360, we have a professional responsibility to set you up for success clinically, but also in the non-client-facing tasks you will have to perform as part of your professional role. Teamwork is a central component of your informal support to successfully navigate your new role, plus having great team support encourages an open workplace culture which is a very important element when selecting a company to work with.

At National 360, we support our Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists and Behaviour Support therapists by:

  1. Employing highly experienced National Clinical Leads for each discipline to identify stream-based learning goals, manage stream-based supervision frameworks, ensure we are providing the right tools and equipment for every therapist, and to provide expert advice and support to our Subject Matter Experts and therapists
  2. Allocating a highly qualified Clinical Supervisor to provide 1:1 and group supervision
  3. Facilitating peer-to-peer collaboration and support
  4. Providing access to weekly mentoring sessions led by our Subject Matter Experts in more complex areas including Paediatrics, Assistive Technology, Housing, Mental Health, Adult Neuro and Behaviour Support.
  5. Self-directed and formal learning through our on-demand online Learning Management System, which includes pre-recorded webinars, problem-based learning experiences, and case studies.


Our team at National 360 implore any new Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, or Physiotherapists to really maximise the exposure they have to supervision. We offer four key types:

  • 1:1 Supervision – this provides essential feedback and learning in a 1:1 setting
  • Group Supervision – this enables our therapists to learn about the clinical challenges that their peers are facing and to share their own experiences and advice, facilitated by an experienced Clinical Supervisor
  • Work Shadowing – this includes observing the practice of colleagues to enhance learning and provide more confidence to therapists, as well as having an experienced therapist shadow you to provide you with advice and support as you develop your own style
  • Mentoring Communities of Practice Peer Networks – internal support networks to support the management of complex cases









We encourage all staff to continue learning and provide them the opportunity to continue building on their learnings and skills through PD sessions, in addition to allocating time for education. Being an active learner is a trait that will set you on the right path for success as a health professional. It will also assist therapists in developing the core skills of professional reasoning and professional identity and adds a whole new dimension to their reflective practice.

At National 360, we want you to have a long and enjoyable career as a therapist and have a vested interest in ensuring you are set up for successes which is why our supervision, education and support structures are at the forefront for not only our graduates, but all team members across the company throughout the lifetime of their career. We want to see our therapists continually progress through the National 360 career pathway, as showcased in the diagram below.


Our focus on Learning & Development ensures we have structured programs in place to support the personal & professional goals of our valued team members from the outset. Our induction programs are tailored to support therapists with various experience levels. If you are new to community allied health practice or the NDIS, your induction will equip you with the knowledge to work in these areas with confidence.  These induction programs include live learning sessions, coaching & advice, shadow visits with clients, self-paced online learning modules and peer-to-peer support.

In addition to our Induction Programs, National 360 has the following L&D Programs in place:


  1. Fully investigate your prospective place of employment and engage in discussions regarding responsibilities, clinical case load, availability of mentor or supervisor, expectations regarding supervision of clinicians/non-clinical staff, opportunities for continuing education and career development.
  2. Judiciously assess the extent of clinical overlap between professional clinical skills and the clinical demands of the position.
  3. Recognize that starting salary is neither the sole nor the primary determinant of job satisfaction.


If you feel National 360 could be the right organisation for you and your career in Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, or Behaviour Support, get in touch with our People and Culture Team today by completing our Expression of Interest Form below: