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Speech Pathology and Early Childhood Intervention

Speech Pathology and Early Childhood Intervention

We know through the extensive research available that children’s brains develop at an incredible rate throughout the early years. To align with best practice, our Speech Pathologists offer early childhood intervention services for infants and children aged 0-6 with a disability and/or developmental delays to ensure that families get this support as early as possible.

Our perspective at National 360 is that early childhood intervention is not just for the child, but for the family unit as a whole. Therefore, our Speech Pathologist’s work alongside families to identify what goals they have for their child, provide assessment accordingly and then work to provide direct therapy as well as coach and upskill family to improve their child’s communication in everyday activities.

Speech pathology and early intervention - Speech Week 2022Speech Pathology services are tailored and individualised to the unique needs of each child. We are a mobile and community-based service meaning our Speech Pathologists can come to you at home, at a early childhood setting such as day care as well as at our clinic. We also provide services online and over the phone via teletherapy.

Whether your child is not using words yet to communicate, is starting to, or is using another form of communication, our Speech Pathologists are here to help. To give you an idea, our Speech pathologists in the early intervention space may work on:

  • Helping your child to understand routines and instructions
  • Building your child’s vocabulary and the repertoire and range of words they use
  • Coaching you on how to encourage your child to join words into phrases or sentence use of phrase, sentences
  • Exploring alternative forms of communication for example, Key Word Sign, visuals, or a specific speech generating device
  • Developing your child’s speech sound clarity to help others understand them better
  • Targeting their fluency
  • Developing their play skills
  • Targeting social skills to help them build and maintain relationships with others
  • Developing their attention and listening skills
  • Assisting with swallowing (e.g. dysphagia)

Our Speech Pathologists go through a process of assessment, planning and intervention to grasp a full picture of your child in order to provide evidence-based intervention. This includes:

  • Assessment of your child’s communication skills to identify strengths and challenges.
  • Providing ‘hands-on’ intervention through direct one-to-one therapy with your child.
  • Practical advice that can be implemented into everyday routines
  • Coaching and upskilling family members to use strategies functionally and within their day.
  • Strategies that are monitored and reviewed for home and early childhood settings.
  • Resources individualized for your child and their specific needs.
  • Exploring Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems.
  • Delivering mealtime intervention programs.

How National 360 Can Support You & Your Child

Are you concerned about your child’s speech or language? Contact us at National 360 to find out how to get a Speech Pathologist on board with you and your child. In the interim, and in honour of Speech Pathology Week, here are three top tips to help get you started!

  • Talk frequently to your child about what interests them.
  • Share a book with you child. Choose books that are bright, fun and interactive. It’s never too early to start reading!
  • Play and have fun! Play is crucial for all areas of a child’s development including of course language development.

If you would like to learn more about our Speech Pathology service and how we can assist with early childhood intervention measures, read more here.

To make a referral, fill out our online referral form here.

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