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Unity through Community Occupational Therapy

Unity through Community Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapists play such a dynamic role in helping people in their community engage and participate in occupations that are meaningful to them. That is why we are thrilled to be celebrating OT Week for 2023.

The theme for OT Week 2023 is Unity through Community, which encompasses the role of the Occupational Therapists within our community, including people with disabilities, our clients, and our culture within National 360.

To share in the Unity through Community theme, and why Occupational Therapists in the community play such a vital role, we breakdown why Occupational Therapy in the community is important, how our therapists work with clients, what to expect when working with an Occupational Therapist, and why you should choose to engage with National 360 when seeking OT services.

NDIS and Mental HealthOccupational Therapy in the Community

As Occupational Therapists in the community setting, we appreciate the opportunity to have a direct impact on people’s lives by helping them to regain their independence and improve their quality of life. We have an opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients from children to older adults with various conditions and needs. We get the opportunity to build strong relationships with our clients and their support networks.

Client-Centered Model of Care & Strengths Based Approach

As Occupational Therapists who work in the community, we are provided with the opportunity to work with our clients in a client-centered model of care. We work in collaboration with our clients to work on goals that are relevant and specific to them. We take pride when we see positive outcomes for our clients as they reach their goals. Working in the community means that we can see clients in their home environment, school, community, or any other environment that is relevant to our clients, which promotes goal attainment and ensures that skills are transferrable in different settings.

Occupational Therapists use a strengths-based approach when providing interventions to ensure that a person’s current ability is utilised and engaged to develop other skills and goals to work towards a particular outcome.

What To Expect When Working with an Occupational Therapist

When an Occupational Therapist engages with you, you can expect them to want to get to know you, your goals and what you would like to achieve. We can work with you and your support team or care team to achieve your goals and positive outcomes. We have the opportunity to be an integral part of your care team, which is extremely rewarding.

Why National 360

National 360 supports flexible working, which means that a therapist has more control over their time to provide services that suit our clients to deliver more timely outcomes.

Our team of Occupational Therapists, who are based in local areas across the country, offer services in various settings such as in your home, school, workplace, or other community locations. They tailor treatment plans to your specific needs and are available for in-person consultations at selected clinics if that’s more convenient for you.

National 360 is committed to client-centred care and extends support to individuals covered by various health funds and programs, including NDIS, private clients, insurance, Work Safe, My Aged Care, schools, health funds, and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

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OT Week 2023 – Unity through Community – October 23-29

Learn more about the 2023 OT Week theme, Unity through Community, by visiting the OT Australia website.

OT Week 2023 - Unity Through Community

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