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Meet The Team: Senior Early Childhood Practitioner

Meet The Team: Senior Early Childhood Practitioner

Introducing Jo, our fantastic Senior Early Childhood Practitioner based in Victoria! Studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at ACU in 2008, followed by a Master of Special Education, Inclusion and Early Intervention in 2015, Jo’s expertise and experience has been a wonderful addition to the team in contributing to the wellbeing and heathy development of the young children we provide services for.

To learn more about Jo, we asked her some questions about her career history, what it was like to interview for the role with our team National 360, what her role as Senior Early Childhood Practitioner involves + more!

Read full interview below.

How did you choose your field of study?

I always knew I wanted to be an educator, but it wasn’t until I completed a placement at Ballarat Specialist School that I realised special education was the career for me. I have since been working in a variety of special education settings (both In school and privately) for almost 14 years.

What are your areas of responsibility as a Senior Early Childhood Practitioner?

As a Senior Early Childhood Practitioner (ECP), I am responsible for developing holistic therapy programs In line with National 360’s values and assisting team leaders with the ongoing development and Implementation of the ECP program.

What was your first impressions of National 360?

There is a real focus on having a healthy work life balance and on developing client-focused outcomes. The staff all have a joyful and friendly energy – It felt like I was part of the team within a few days.

What was your interview process like when applying for the Early Childhood Practitioner role at National 360?

My initial interview was wonderful. It was a process of discussing what the ECP role might look like within the company and how my skills would be best utilised through the ECP program. This was followed by a more formal interview and job offer which I eagerly accepted.

What do you love the most about your job?

I really enjoy engaging with clients and their families and assisting them to feel empowered In their programs and goals. I also really enjoy working with such friendly staff!

What is the best thing about your team?

Being a brand-new team, I think the best thing is how open we all are to feedback. We all feel passionate and committed to developing a successful program that will benefit more clients.

How have our mentoring sessions helped you?

They have been very helpful, especially when they are recorded so I can refer back to them as needed.

How would you describe our clinical support?

Very accessible and supportive.

How would you describe our supervision structure?

Quite supportive and readily available. I know who I can reach out to for queries and they are easily contactable via email or Teams.

What are the career prospects with your role as Senior Early Childhood Practitioner?

It would be my aim to increase my days once my own children are in school and take on a supervision role alongside my clinical role to mentor those who are newer to the career. I would never want to entirely stop clinical visits though as I love working with children and being part of their journey.

Learn more about our Early Childhood Approach

If you would like to learn more about our Early Childhood Early Intervention services, visit our website here. National 360 Early Childhood Approach offers the following Early Childhood Early Intervention NDIS supports for children with disabilities:

  • Early Intervention Occupational Therapy
  • Early Intervention Speech Pathology
  • Early Intervention Physiotherapy

For more details and to enquire about services, contact our team via 1300 340 440,, or via our Contact page.

Join our team as an Early Childhood Practitioner!

Our ECP team is growing, and if you’d like to join Jo and our ECP team, you can learn more about our 360 Careers here, and view the current roles we have available across the country here.