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The National 360 Difference – Terry’s Story

The National 360 Difference – Terry’s Story

No matter which therapist arrives at your door, you can be confident that the therapist will work with you to achieve your goals and to reach your clinical outcomes. The National 360 Difference.

The National 360 Difference - Terry's StoryMeet Terry! Terry is a 45 year old gentleman with cerebral palsy who was referred for Occupational Therapy (OT) for a Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA) and Assistive Technology (AT). One of our National 360 Sydney based OTs worked collaboratively with Terry to understand his goals and clinical outcomes.

Terry had multiple goals that he wanted us to work with him, to achieve his goals and reach his clinical outcomes.  These included:

  • Increasing Terry’s ability to communicate with others
  • Increasing Terry’s ability to conduct independent transfers from his mobile shower commode

One of Terry’s goals was to be able to communicate with others using an iPad. It was identified that Terry required a replacement web-enabled iPad to use as a phone and communication device. Terry’s previous tablet broke during use at the Easter Show when a Support Worker was holding it for him to use in his chair.

In his day-to-day life, Terry uses his tablet device to communicate with friends and family online, buy and sell model slot cars, play video games, watch videos, and listen to music. Since it’s prescription, Terry has also engaged in Telehealth, and corresponds with clinicians via email using this new iPad independently.

Through analysis of Terry’s day-to-day tasks and activities, gathering an understanding of what Terry enjoys and what Terry would like to achieve, the OT determined that a referral to a Speech Pathologist (SP) would be beneficial for Terry to consider augmentative and assistive (AAC) technology. The OT referred internally to our Speech Pathologist (SP) to assist with an AAC aid, in Terry’s situation an eye-gaze device, which was compatible with an iPad.

Terry and the clinicians worked together to trial a mounting bracket fitted to Terry’s wheelchair to hold an iPad.  This meant that Terry would be able to use his iPad independently whilst in his wheelchair, without support workers needing to assist to hold Terry’s iPad for him.  Working together, Terry and the therapists could determine the best place to position the iPad for Terry to be able to communicate effectively.

Following the successful trial, our OT and SP wrote a letter of support to the NDIS justifying the need for a mounting bracket and new iPad which was compatible with the eye-gaze.

To further assist Terry to independently use his iPad, our OT and Speech Pathology sought Clinical Supervision, AAC and AT Mentoring with our Clinical Practice Advisors (CPA) to receive guidance on the style and considerations for an AAC and mounting bracket for Terry’s wheelchair.

In the second last week before Christmas in 2022, the NDIS approved AAC and mounting bracket was installed.

The National 360 Difference - Terry's StoryDuring the installation of the AAC and mounting bracket, Terry reported he wanted somewhere to place his stylus, which he used with his mouth to operate the iPad. A Speech Pathologist who was shadowing the visit, suggested a toothbrush holder attached to the chin controls of his wheelchair. Later that afternoon, Terry sent the OT images of the toothbrush mounting bracket with his stylus sitting securely within the holder.

Terry was very happy with the result. He has since used the iPad and mounting bracket to attend Telehealth sessions with clinicians, send emails about his ongoing therapy priorities and to say thank you. With set-up assistance to attach iPad to the mounting bracket, Terry is now able to use his iPad independently within the home and community.

In addition to Terry’s communication goal, Terry required a new mobile shower commode, which was customised with a handle to enable Terry to conduct safe and independent transfers onto and off the mobile shower commode.

The OT was able to trial assistive technology with Terry in his home, with the features that Terry required to facilitate his independent transfers.  Terry worked with the OT and his support workers to communicate what he wanted to achieve.

The OT was able to access Neuro and Assistive Technology CPA mentoring to provide guidance on the customisation of the mobile shower commode and manual handling plan required by the Supported Independent Living / Specialist Disability Accommodation (SIL/SDA) home to ensure safe techniques and strategies were applied, to enable Terry to conduct safe and independent transfers onto and off his mobile shower commode in his home.

With clinical supervision and mentoring, the OT wrote an Assistive Technology (AT) application to the NDIS, which was successfully funded.

Education and training was provided to Terry and his Support Workers with a Manual Handling Plan devised for the transfers.

The National 360 Difference

To assist Terry, our OT and SP engaged in Clinical Supervision, CPA Mentoring, shadowing and collaboration to gain further insights and knowledge from experienced and specialised therapists to ensure they could best address Terry’s goals and improve his day-to-day life, by achieving his clinical outcomes.

We are excited that Terry can now use his iPad independently within the community and he can conduct independent transfers onto and off his customised mobile shower commode. We are thrilled that our team could tap into the fantastic National 360 mentoring and resources to assist clients achieve their goals and reach their clinical outcomes to make this fantastic outcome happen.

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