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Goal Setting and the NDIS

Goal Setting and the NDIS

What is goal setting and why is it important?

According to the NDIS, goals are the things you want to pursue, and you might need support from the NDIS and other support services to achieve them. Goals are not only an important part of building your NDIS plan, but helps the people around you get to know you, and understand what things are important to you in your life. Goals could include:

  • Building your skills to be able to do more things yourself
  • Working or studying now, or in the future
  • Doing social and recreational activities, now or in the future
  • Building friendships or connecting with family

Having a list of goals can give you motivation to try different things to build independence, help you assess your strengths and how you use those in your daily life, and of course, are worked towards and measured.

Once you have established your goals to be included in your NDIS plan, and you have received your NDIS funding, you can pursue supports to help you work towards achieving your goals.

How can National 360 help you achieve your goals?

National 360 provides support to NDIS participants through our Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy and Behaviour Support services. Our therapists work with clients to build skills and capacity so they can gain new skills and work towards achieving their goals.

Occupational Therapy:

Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) work closely with NDIS participants and use a variety of technology. To improve the quality of life for NDIS participants to allow them to have the ability to participate in activities at home, work, play and school, OTs use a wide range of technology, including Assistive Technology, such as adaptive tools, equipment and systems. OTs can also provide high-quality OT sensory assessments online via Telehealth or face-to-face.


National 360 Physiotherapists can assist and treat a wide range of conditions, spanning across paediatric, adult, pain, neurological, musculoskeletal, and mental health areas, using our successful mobile delivery model – our therapists will come to you.

Speech Pathology:

Our Speech Pathologists work with clients of all ages to support participants who have impairments related to speech, social communication difficulties, language, literacy, voice, swallowing difficulties, and fluency. They provide a range of assessments and therapy, which includes communication technology, that is client-centred, strength-based, and goal-focused.

Behaviour Support:

National 360 Behaviour Support Practitioners (BSPs) provide a high quality, evidence-based, person-centred approach to NDIS participants who have Behaviour Support funding. Our friendly and highly qualified BSPs work with participants to achieve their goals by designing a positive behaviour support plan to ensure participants feel happier, healthier, and an improved well-being and quality of life.

For more insights on the types of goal setting areas our National 360 therapists can assist clients with, we have listed some areas of assistance below:

  • Food preparation
  • Social skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Communication
  • Increased range of movement
  • Mental health
  • Aged care
  • Home safety
  • Housing supports
  • Home modifications
  • Assistive technology
  • Injury and pain management
  • Balance and falls prevention
  • Swallowing and mealtime assessments and interventions
  • Voice and fluency
  • Literacy
  • Dysphagia
  • Early childhood intervention
  • Behaviour support
  • Fitness
  • Strength

Our Clients Achieving Their Goals!

Occupational Therapy Client - Goal Setting and the NDIS

Occupational Therapy client!

One of Justin’s goals to work towards being more independent in his day-to-day life was to cook a stir fry by himself. Matthew, one of our fantastic Occupational Therapists, was working on a number of goals with Justin, including cooking, as he was having difficulties living independently in the community due to his mental health. During his OT sessions, Justin was able to achieve his goal – as you can see in the photo, Justin did an excellent job of cooking a stir fry all by himself!

Physiotherapy Client - Goal Setting and the NDIS

Physiotherapy client! 

This stroke client had an amazing goal he wanted to achieve: Walking his daughter-in-law down the aisle. Physiotherapist, Jayson, was seeing this client for ongoing therapy for strengthening and gait practice, and the client worked very hard to progress through his therapy in order to achieve this goal. Ultimately, as you can see in the photo, this client was very successful in achieving their goal, as he was able to walk down the aisle with his daughter-in-law on her wedding day!

Speech Pathology Client - Goal Setting and the NDISSpeech Pathology client!

When our wonderful Speech Pathologist, Lauren, first met this participant, he was having significant challenges with emotional regulation, communicating his emotions, conflict resolution and social problem-solving challenges. He was not trusted to leave the house without a family member due to significant risk-taking behaviours and self-harm. He would struggle with honesty and assertiveness and did not trust support workers. 2 years on, he acquired his motorbike learner licence and is now working for his family mowing business – what amazing goals to achieve with the assistance of Speech Pathology!

Want To Learn More About NDIS Goal Setting?

If you’re after more details on NDIS goal setting and how it leads to NDIS funding, visit the NDIS website here for further details.

Want to learn more about our services, and how our therapists can assist you or your participant in achieving their goals? Please get in touch with our customer service team on 1300 340 440, complete the enquiry form below, or head to our contact page here.