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Community Physiotherapy

What is community physiotherapy? Community itself can be defined as a social unit which brings a sense of place. The word community makes us think of feeling safe, feeling supported and feeling at home; and community physiotherapy is no different. As community therapists, we aim to help you achieve your goals, provide a flexible and adaptive service, and to support you to the best of our ability – all of which contribute to an improved quality of life. Community Physiotherapy is all about you.

There really is no place like your own community. A few of our most common community locations in which we see our clients include our very own clinics, parks, schools, leisure centres (such as gyms and swimming facilities), residential facilities, and of course, in the comfort of your very own home. National 360 prides itself on offering this flexible and vast range of locations. We have something for everyone.

Our growing family of clients comprises individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, which means that everyone’s needs, and goals are unique.  As community therapists, it is our priority to tailor our interventions to your goals, and to help bring out the best in you in the environment you choose. The flexibility we provide has a wealth of benefits which include optimising your safety and confidence in your own home, assisting you with community access, and creating therapy programs that work towards addressing your greatest areas of concern. Whether it be in our fully equipped clinics or out in the various locations listed earlier, we adapt to your preferred environment and come prepared with the necessary equipment.

We work hard to ensure that the skills we work on with you are relevant to your environment, your goals, and your needs. In short, Community Physiotherapy is all about you.

Community Physiotherapist, VIC