Who We Help

Our allied health services help people from a range of age groups living with a disability, illness or injury. We provide services to anyone that is aiming to live a more independent life and engage with their friends, family or local community. We not only provide support to the individual but also their family, carers, support network, employers, teachers and anyone else that plays a part in their daily life.

Our team of therapists are mobile and are able to see you in your own home, or in other locations in the community such as at school or work. We also have clinic locations in some areas.

Who We Work With

National 360 is able to provide services to clients through a range of funding sources.  Our customer service team is always available to discuss your on situation to assist in determining the best way to access our occupational therapyspeech pathology, behaviour support or physiotherapy services.  We work with clients funded through different sources including NDIS, Private clients, Insurance, Work Safe, My Aged Care, Schools, and Health Funds.  We are also able to provide advice and consultation to the business sector.

We offer early intervention (children up to 9 years) and services for older children (10 + years) and teenagers (13 – 18 years). You may be looking for assistance from one service such as occupational therapy, or we can support you with a multidisciplinary approach where you may receive a combination of therapies such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology and behaviour support.

Our team support children with many conditions including:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Genetic Disorders e.g. Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Developmental Delays
  • Learning disabilities
  • Attention Deficit
  • Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Dyslexia, Intellectual Disabilities
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Mental Health conditions

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Toddler girl in child occupational therapy session doing sensory playful exercises with her occupational therapist
NDIS Assistive Technology

Many adults across Australia are living with a disability and needing support to improve their independence in the community. National 360 has allied health therapists across Australia with skills in supporting adults with disabilities. We offer assessment and therapy services with occupational therapists, physiotherapistsspeech pathologists and behaviour support clinicians.

We offer assessment and therapy services including:

  • Mental Health
  • Behaviour Support
  • Assistive Technology and Equipment
  • Home Modifications
  • Functional Assessments
  • Language and communication
  • Speech Pathology
  • Exercise programs
  • Therapy
  • Upper Limb Rehabilitation
  • Sensory and Behavioural Interventions
  • Building Independence
  • Work & Safety Services
  • Medico legal Assessments

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The team at National 360 have experience in assisting clients in their later years to maintain safety, promote independence and improve quality of life. We can offer one or multiple services including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, or speech pathology. We work closely with family members, carers, and other treaters to ensure the best outcomes can be achieved.

Our experienced therapists offer a range of services for aged care clients including:

  • Home Safety Assessments
  • Falls Prevention Education
  • Home Visits (including activities of daily living assessments – ADL)
  • Home Modifications
  • Case Management
  • Equipment Provision
  • Support Services Planning
  • Safety and Manual Handling
  • Carer Training and Education
  • Well-being and Lifestyle Services

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Aged Care Speech Pathology