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International Women’s Day 2022

Today is International Women’s Day 2022. This day is a time for us to commemorate and reflect on the progress made by women including the extraordinary roles they have played in the history of their occupations and communities.

This week we have explored and acknowledged some of the important women who have helped develop the fields of Allied Health including Eleanor Clarke Slagle, Mary McMillan and Mildred Clara Templin.

Mildred Clara Templin: Integral in providing development norms in the field of Speech Pathology

Mildred Templin was a specialist in child language. Her study of normal children in the monograph entitled “Certain Language Skills in Children” published in 1957, was a definitive work in the field, providing clinicians with development norms for speech and language.

When Templin retired in 1976, she received an honorary doctorate in recognition of her contributions to the development, teaching, research, and contributions to the field of speech pathology.

Mary McMillan: Physiotherapy as a form of recovery

Mary McMillan trained in Europe to learn the very latest techniques of massage and physical therapy, then brought her knowledge back to the United States to treat children with polio. During World War I, Mary was appointed the first-ever Reconstruction Aide of the US Army Medical Corps. In this role she used modern physical therapy techniques to rehabilitate wounded soldiers. It was a seismic shift in care that changed the way we all recover from surgery or injuries today.

Eleanor Clarke Slagle: The Mother of Occupational Therapy

Eleanor Clarke Slagle was an American social worker and an early pioneer of occupational therapy.

She organised the first educational program for occupational therapists, coming to be known as “the mother of occupational therapy.” This proved to be a major turning point in occupational therapy’s development and recognition as a legitimate medical field. She also demonstrated the first large-scale occupational therapy program for a state hospital system.

On behalf of National 360, today we’d like to thank our team for the impact and commitment they bring to supporting people with a disability to reach their full potential. From therapists to customer service to clinical leads, we have women in all roles within National 360 encouraging each other to go above and beyond for our clients.

To find out more about working with National 360 and our latest opportunities visit our careers page.

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