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A Day in the life of a Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Matthew is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist at National 360, he is currently completing his 12-month graduate program and shares with is what a typical day in his work life looks like.

My mornings do vary as when working with children you may have an early appointment at 8am to see a child before they head off to school. On these days the schedule may move forward a little to accommodate.

A typical day consists of:

I usually go for a morning run if I don’t have any early clients. Then I have a shower and get mentally prepared for the day ahead.

8.00 AM
The first thing I do is check my calendar and make sure I am prepared for each client I’ll be seeing.

8.30 AM
I jump in the car, get some great music on of course and drive to see my first client.

9.00 AM
I start my first therapy session of the day. I love that every person I see is unique. The relationships I form with clients means a lot to me and it’s always a highlight of my day to see a familiar client and work towards smashing one of the goals we have set together.

10.00 AM
Around this time I will start traveling to see my second client of the day.

10.30 AM
Start my second therapy session of the day.

11.30 AM
The Middle of the day is where the bulk of my report writing and case noting occurs. I prefer to do report writing during the day vs at the end just to ensure that I don’t keep writing reports after 5pm.

At this time I am usually traveling home.

12.00 PM
Enjoy a break and have some Lunch at home.

1.00 PM
I take this time to get report writing completed.

3.00 PM
I start traveling to my last client of the day. The last therapy session is usually around 3:30-4pm again as a I work with kids I generally have a later afternoon appointment.

4.30 PM
Travel home and clock off for the day.


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